2018 – 2021

Image of an untitled photographic collage on paper

 ·  The narrow streets above the village center are worn, eclectic, beautiful canyons. A mistaken museum. A lesson in patina and earth-worn color and dust in high sun, defying decay. Mineral.  ·  read more

About the print

Francis, 2012, pigment print, 60 x 60 cm (23.62 x 23.62 in), edition of 6 + 1 AP

 ·  At the time, I was tending to collect objects photographically, breaking them down the way Hockney did, without having any real idea of where or when they might be used.  ·  read more


 ·  I had asked Jan not to work too beautifully. He seemed to solve that by working quickly. He surprised me by making certain irregularities and eccentricities of the wood pieces even more visible.  ·  read more

Looking at Twombly

 ·  Is Cy Twombly an acquired taste? Are there pre-requisites to an appreciation of his work? Is his work like the album you listen and listen to and then suddenly, on the fourth or fifth or sixth listen, you hear it?  ·  read more

RGB series on display at Zoom In 1 at the Rietveldpaviljoen, Amersfoort, Netherlands. (Photo by Abe van Ancum,

 ·  I’m very happy to announce I will be showing work in a group exhibition titled Zoom In I at the Rietveldpaviljoen in Amersfoort.  ·  read more

A Film Fantasy

 ·  Their wedding displayed the extravagance of those accustomed to enjoying wealth without possessing it themselves. The party was held at the Millais studio, where Francis painted his chandeliers crimson and his face a pale shade of pink.  ·  read more

 ·  A few years ago, I began making a list of phrases that I kept hearing over and over again from U.S. politicians, elected officials and their spokespersons…  ·  read more

About L’Étranger

L’Étranger, pg. 86 (detail), 2014

 ·  L’Étranger was originally born out of an interest in combining word and image in a single gesture by following color cues that occured in a text.  ·  read more

The Art Critic, by Daniël Herbert van der Poll (1877-1963), 1927

 ·  Failed as teacher and artist, I’ve decided to be a critic.  ·  read more

Ryoji Ikeda, datamatics [ver.2.0]

 ·  I was able to see Ryoji Ikeda’s datamatics [ver.2.0] performance at Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam yesterday evening. In contrast to the exhibition of his work in the same building, the performance was an intense, violent affair.  ·  read more

Ryoji Ikeda at Eye Film Museum

 ·  Stunning, delightful chaos. Warm, calming aural and visual baths of sound and data abstractions on all scales. A tribute to John Cage mixed in.  ·  read more

 ·  For me, this work is a good example of a conceptual artwork doing its job really well. It has that quality that makes me think of what’s called a combination tone in music theory.  ·  read more