Calhoun Smith is a visual artist working with code, photography and other printed matter in the creation of print editions, animations and other hand-made and digital constructions

Recent Work

Conspiracy Archive no.4  ·  2020  · 
Obscenity Archive no.2  ·  2020  · 
Conspiracy Archive no.3  ·  2018  · 
Tanguy  ·  2018  · 
Business Archive  ·  2018  · 

Latest Posts

Image of an untitled photographic collage on paper

 ·  The narrow streets above the village center are worn, eclectic, beautiful canyons. A mistaken museum. A lesson in patina and earth-worn color and dust in high sun, defying decay. Mineral.  ·  read more

About the print

Francis, 2012, pigment print, 60 x 60 cm (23.62 x 23.62 in), edition of 6 + 1 AP

 ·  At the time, I was tending to collect objects photographically, breaking them down the way Hockney did, without having any real idea of where or when they might be used.  ·  read more


Critics or Average Men + Demands no.13 (detail), 2011


or Average Men + Demands

1994 – 2011

Riez no.38 (grey, blue, black) (detail), 2014


2014 – 2016